Why Sell Your Fleet to DigiCar

DigiCar is a fully-funded TLC EV leasing company whose mission is to rent hundreds of luxury EVs to rideshare drivers throughout New York. Drivers can rent from our fleet of 500 Teslas to drive for Uber, Lyft, or any rideshare platform.

What sets us apart from other companies? DigiCar is environmentally focused. EVs have a much lower rate of emissions over their lifespan, which is a considerable step toward reducing global climate change. When done on a large scale, the effect will be significant. Cleaning up our streets is the first step toward combatting the damage done toward our planet, but we are committed to bringing about a cleaner, brighter New York City.

At DigiCar, we pay top dollar for your fleet of TLC plated vehicles. We value our business relationships and are committed to ethical and fair dealings. We prize your good name and hard work. You can rest easy in the knowledge that DigiCar will pay you an excellent value for your fleet.

A Different Kind of Driving Experience

With an all-electric vehicle, drivers will no longer need gas. Instead, our drivers will only pay to charge their vehicle’s battery, saving upwards of $25 per day. Leasing a TLC plated Tesla EV might seem as if it would be expensive, but drivers can afford it since our rates are competitive.

DigiCar provides basic vehicle coverage and full coverage auto insurance for each car, complete with roadside assistance.  We also offer unlimited mileage. In addition, we perform routine maintenance on all our Teslas. With two convenient locations for repair services, our drivers can feel confident that we will meet their needs with very little stress to them.

And with no long-term commitments, our drivers love the peace of mind they get by having all their needs met.

Improving the Driving Experience Through Technology

DigiCar integrates technology into our business model; our app provides an online portal for our drivers to take care of all their driving and communication needs. For example, drivers can make payments online, schedule a car pickup and return, and submit maintenance requests with our app.

DigiCar is driven by the desire to provide a hassle-free leasing experience through the transparent use of the latest technology. As a result, we simplify the lives of our drivers, making us their top choice for all their driving needs.

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